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Rushed to scribble after watching the final ep! pouring out feelings

Otsukare Free!ES!!  ( nஇωஇ n) Thank you for the best summer Wednesdays! Now begins our ETERNAL SUMMER. 

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Futari no himitsu vol. 8

This series is R-18! Two sample voices are up! Please use your earphones/headphones!  
CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)Date of release: 26 September 2014Preorder: Amazon JP, Animate Online, Cineria


Futari no himitsu vol. 8

This series is R-18! Two sample voices are up! Please use your earphones/headphones!  

CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)
Date of release: 26 September 2014
Preorder: Amazon JP, Animate Online, Cineria



finally finished the last Cinderella!

but i still cant finish the exiled prince.

you don’t know how much i love this series.

Am I the only one who feels like this would be a pretty hilarious metaphor for dick sizes?



First we’ve got Makoto, I don’t think this is much of a surprise. The boy is tall, and look at wink he’s got going, he knows its something to be proud of. 


Then theres Rin, maybe not the longest but who needs length when you’ve got thickness, that’s where its at, ladies. He looks eager please too, hop on that boy.


Next up Haru, not the biggest but still pretty decent. But don’t worry he’s pretty serious about making the magic happen, he’s got his game face on.


Here’s Nagisa, he’s not bad as it is, but he’s working double duty it looks like. Good boys use toys. 


Then here’s poor Rei, I think we already knew from the copious crotch shots that he has got basically nothing going on down there— but I mean… come on, he’s 15.  Either way he’s not aware of it and is ready to hunt down some booty.


Finally, there’s Sousuke. We don’t talk about Sousuke. 


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Free! :: Sexy Boys 

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im laughing cause they look like a 90’s boyband


the backstroke boys

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Recipes: AllRecipes, Chow, Once Upon A Chef, Bella Baking, Sweetpea Kitchen

If you’re not following wheelr's Man and Pudding posts, then perhaps you should be. Two delicious things for the price of one: yumminess guaranteed!

Is it bad that I scrolled past the men to see more cake?

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  • Ookami Kunchi / Wolves Brothers Home
  • Criminale!
  • Meiji Kyuuketsu Kitan [Tsukiyasha]
  • Happy+Sugar=Darlin
  • Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa

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Shinsengumi Hiyokuroku Wasurenagusa release dates:

  • Vol. 1 : Hajime Saito (CV: Takahashi Naozumi) - October 22, 2014
  • Vol. 2 : Ito Kashitaro (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) - November 29, 2014
  • Vol. 3: Nagakura Shinpachi (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) - December 27, 2014
  • Vol. 4: Harada…

This is still my favorite




imageEveryone looks so hardcore.


Nagisa’s seme face game is strong,


Rei is looking dangerous and not dorky,


Rin has mastered his smolder look,


Even Haru could kick your ass if you disrespect his pool.


And then…


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Interviewer: What is the scariest thing in the world for you?

Hosoya: I may be contradicting myself, but I’m going to say women.  I have this belief that as a standard, women won’t stay on your side. As expected,  I know absolutely nothing about the opposite sex (lol).  But it’s because I find women scary, I want to treasure that one person who will tell me that they love me. 

Interviewer: What kind of woman would be the type to soothe you?

Hosoya:  Someone who will protect me.  It’s probably because “to protect” is something you do with intent and means that they will truly cherish me.   If that person existed, then I would want to protect them as well. 

Interviewer: That sounds great.

Hosoya: I don’t have a mother.  Ever since I could remember I was told that she passed away, but when I was 18 and about to go to Tokyo to study in an arts institute, my dad told me, “Actually, she’s still alive.”  At that point, I never thought about wanting to meet her.  But around the time when I passed the age of 30, I began to feel that I was missing something. They aren’t feelings of sadness or pain over not having a mother, but rather, if I did have one I would probably be a different person from the one I am today. 

Interviewer: Are you perhaps attracted to the idea of “family”?

Hosoya: My wish to marry is probably strong.  And that’s most likely because I have this idea that a family is something that I can build with my own will. 

I didn’t know this. This hit me like a couple of bags of sand. Right smack dab in the center of my glass heart. I’m sure he’s reached some sort of closure at this point in his life but that doesn’t stop me from feeling some sort of sorrow for him and thinking of what he was possibly going through as an 18 year old about to head to Tokyo for the next chapter of his life and finding out that his mother is actually alive… I’m just going to curl up in my bed while listening to MaxBoys now…
_( T△T 」∠)_and no. No I’m not crying. Dammit. I’m not (T_T)

It’s really nice - his image of the relationship and his feelings. I feel sad that he doesn’t have a mother. But I’m a bit disturbed about his image of his girlfriend. Of course, mutual protection is necessary but man protecting a woman comes first, doesn’t he?

I don’t think that has to come first, especially of you see “protection” as, and I’m sorry but I’m going to use a Dutch word here, “geborgenheid”.

I don’t know and I can’t find the English translation, but I did find a description that fits: “the feeling of warmth and security of home”.

And that is something you can give each other, that you should have when in a relationship, at least that is how I feel.

This whole interview makes me feel like something happened in the past that made him lose his faith in relationships, and I really hope he finds someone that restores that faith and makes him happy.



Eri! Happy Birthday!
Are you still an otaku? My personal recommendation is a series by Rejet called Lip on my Prince, the characters are cute and the story is dangerously tokimeki so try it if you can!


This was the message I got from a Japanese friend from my exchange year in Kyoto. We spent way too much time fangirling together at the time, and her first message in a while is A DRAMA CD RECOMMENDATION. I laughed so hard, it really made my day.

Yes I am still an otaku, hahaha.

"I’m Mikoshiba Momotarou! My hobby is hunting for stag beetles! My favorite proverb is "Even Homer sometimes nods"! My best dish is fried eggs! When I shower, first place I wash is- That hurts, ow, ow, ow!"

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Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly scans from Sep 2014 B's Log

That which lies within the mansion— Is it hope or despair?

"Do you truly want to regain those lost memories?"

A suspenseful love story unfolds within a strange illusion-like mansion. Will the black butterfly guide you towards love with that person or—?

This game will be a collaboration between Yuiga Satoru (best known for being the mangaka of E’s) and Otomate. More information will be released in next month’s B’s Log. 

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